Videography and Filmmaking, What’s the Difference?

Videography, Video Production, and Filmmaking, What’s the Difference?

We’ve seen a few posts lately from fellow professionals addressing the terms which are used to describe what we do. So here’s our take on it. In the realm of visual storytelling, terms like videography, video production, and filmmaking often get intertwined, leading to confusion among professionals and enthusiasts alike. While the dictionary may offer distinct definitions, the practical nuances of these roles reveal lots of shared skills.

How does the Chat GPT define these terms then?

The term “videography” traditionally conveys the art of capturing video footage. Videographers focus on the technical aspects of shooting, often associated with events like weddings, school plays, or corporate training videos. It’s about capturing moments with precision and clarity.

Video Production:
A broader concept, video production encompasses the entire process of creating a video, from planning and scripting to shooting and editing. Corporate video production may involve training videos and promotional content, expanding beyond the core act of capturing footage.

Filmmaking is an immersive creative process involving scriptwriting, directing, shooting, and post-production. Unlike videography, which may emphasise documentation, filmmakers tell stories, invoking emotions and exploring complex themes. The term carries an air of sophistication, often associated with the glamorous world of television and movies.
In reality, the distinctions between these terms can lead to varying perceptions. Some in the corporate video production sphere might dismiss “videography” as too simplistic, associating it with amateurs or one-person bands. Similarly,  to “filmmakers” the term “corporate video” can carry connotations of mundane training videos and promotional content, whilst their mantle can conjure the glamour of television and cinema.

At Inspired Film and Video, we are not snobs. As a full-service video production agency, we believe great teams make great content. Our team comprises videographers, photographers, animators, editors, and creative minds ready to bring any concept to life. Most of our team are multi-skilled and can do some or all of these skills to a very high level. You may choose to simply add one of our videographers to your team (only temporarily of course!) to make a project work or you might choose to use our collective talents.

In essence, while the dictionary may offer distinct definitions for videography, video production, and filmmaking, in reality, the lines are blurred. So as Shakespeare once wrote,  “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Whether you identify as a videographer, filmmaker, or video production professional, what matters most is the passion and dedication to creating exceptional visual experiences you have.

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