The Top 5 Video Marketing Trends of 2023

The Top 5 Video Marketing Trends of 2023

When we first started Inspired Film and Video back in 2006, we often had to sell the medium of video as a marketing tool before we could even think about selling our expertise as content producers. Thankfully that hasn’t been the case for many years and now you all know that video needs to form an integral part of your 2023 marketing or communications plan. There are so many ways in which you can use video and with new ways of working, educating, selling, buying and entertaining coming to prominence since the pandemic we thought we would highlight what we think is going to be big this year. Let’s take you through the Top 5 Marketing trends of 2023.

1. Live video drives interactions online

For B2C marketers live video should be top of your priority list as a Video Marketing Trend for 2023. Our consumption of live video content exploded during the pandemic and has continued to grow as life and travel have returned to normal. The definition of what is streamable has also changed, the rule of thumb that once applied was, it’s only worth doing live if being live had a benefit, whereas now the simple fact that it is live, is the benefit, people watch live Facebook content for 3x longer and interact 6x more. Everything is now streamable, even if you don’t “need” it to be live it needs to be live in 2023. There are far fewer opportunities for shared experiences in the “on-demand” society we live in but it seems we still strive for the opportunity to live in the moment and watch live events, so make sure your brand is planning some.

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2. Immerse your audience in your product or experience

Virtual reality and Augmented reality have been around for several years now but their use in mainstream campaigns has certainly recently been gathering momentum. Last year we worked on immersive VR experiences as diverse as a stadium tour for a Premier League club to a sexual harassment awareness tool for colleges. Sometimes showing what your offer is just isn’t good enough to grab attention anymore and you need to give your audience an interactive experience to remember.
AR provides similar options for interaction between the real world and the digital world for the tech first-generation. In 2022 we had the pleasure of working with digital artist and fashion designer Doddz on the UK’s first AR fashion show. Find out how he is using AR to solve some of the fashion industry’s sustainability problems and see behind the scenes of his London Fashion Week show here.

3. XR The possibilities are endless

So you know what AR and VR are but you probably know a little less about XR. Extended Reality (XR) is used to define the concept of “extending” or transforming our reality with the use of technology to create immersive environments, experiences, and interactions. Think of VR on a bigger scale! This is a room-sized VR headset for you and others to have a shared virtual experience. Film studios are using huge XR studios instead of greenscreens to throw their cast into alternative worlds. Smash Disney series The Mandalorian and Bobba Fett were both filmed this way but it has many applications outside of entertainment in training and healthcare simulating environments that are impossible or dangerous to recreate in reality. We are really lucky to have a new, state-of-the-art, XR facility, just an actual (or virtual) stone’s throw from us at Staffordshire University. The possibilities are endless.

4. Super Short Stories

All the major social channels have been pushing stories or similar super short content sharing for a while now, and this is an easy win for a Video Marketing Trend. Brands really got to grips with this concept last year and it really is a must for B2C companies in 2023. The good news is that this kind of content does not always need the highest production values and can often be made by your in-house social media team. It is important to remember that any longer-form content you are producing could and should be repurposed to use in this manner. Paid advertising in this format is also set to grow massively this year. So in short, keep it short!!

5. Film content to drive your recruitment process

The value of LinkedIn to both the individual and on an organisational level has grown rapidly over the years and is the number 1 social platform for those looking to either recruit or find work. Video is at the heart of all social content and as well as using video to sell to prospects you should really think about creating films that sell your business and its roles to potential employees. In such a competitive and expensive field as recruitment, it can very quickly provide an excellent ROI if it helps you land the right people. Real-life testimony showing how good somewhere is to work certainly jumps out a lot more than a list of benefits in a job description. Recruitment films were a big part of our work in 2022 and a lot of those got shared on LinkedIn as well as elsewhere.

If you want to find out more about how you can integrate any of the marketing trends for 2023 then why not get in touch with the team here at Inspired Film and Video.. We can help you elevate your business strategy using the power of video and new technologies.

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