It’s Time to Face the Fact(ual)

It’s Time to Face the Fact(ual)

We have and always will specialise in factual productions. We were founded by broadcast journalists and our ethos has always revolved around sharing real-life stories to inspire, entertain, inform and challenge. This month we visited the UK’s largest annual documentary film festival Sheffield DocFest, to meet commissioners, industry experts and fellow film-makers to keep up to date with the latest technology, trends, and techniques, watch the odd film and network until the small hours with some of the industries movers and shakers(it’s a hard life!).

Documentary production is changing to match the way we now consume media. Increasingly it is moving away from its traditional home on broadcast television and being used across multiple platforms, in each case the content being manipulated to get the best engagement from that channel.

Creative, factual video is more popular than ever on social media, especially given the new wave of interest in short (sub 10 minute) format docs. This means there is a growing trend in brand-sponsored content, where an organisation or charity will fund or co-produce a film that is not an advertisement for their products or service but is about a subject area that is either relevant to their industry, showing them as an industry expert or showcases an individual, group or story whose message is in line with their brand values. Puma, Stella Artois, Gillette even We Transfer are getting in on the act of working with filmmakers to create content that is not a “real life” promotional video but follows the genuine rules of quality documentary story-telling. Many of our documentary projects have been funded by businesses who passionately believe in the story we are sharing, most recently temporary building specialist Aganto, who has helped finance our Stoke-on-Trent football-based social history film, Macari’s Red and White Army.

We are always on the lookout for a great story to share. If you know a story that needs telling please get in touch. As well as making films we are good at raising budgets to make sure important messages are heard. Get in touch if you know a film that needs making.

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