Talking all things Chinese football!

By 2019 China will be the largest film market in the world. A population of 1.4bn certainly helps when it comes to viewing figures. We are very excited to be working with a major London production company on a new feature length documentary about Chinese football.

The logistics of filming in China are not simple, Mike and Ed recently visited Shanghai to scout locations, meet fans, introduce ourselves to the clubs and find a local filming partner. Our experience in running international shoots has certainly come in handy on this project. 6,000 miles from home, no access to Gmail, Google, Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, a definite language barrier and a whole lot of government red tape, make it one of the more difficult developed countries to run a shoot in and did I mention the temperature? Touching 40° with high humidity is not kind to the camera operator or the camera!

Challenges are of course there to overcome and we now have everything in place for our filming trip next year. We met some fantastic people and had a great time and are looking forward to returning early in 2018. Mike and Ed did, of course, have a little bit of down time and managed to fit in lunch with a billionaire, watching both Shanghai clubs in action (once from the director’s box), saw live bullfrogs, turtles and eels on sale in the supermarket, did some sightseeing and even had a drink with Hulk and Oscar (next table anyway!).

The point of this post – aside from a little bit of globe-trotting gloating – is that however difficult you think the logistics of your shoot are, we can deal with it. Get in touch.