Stoke-on-Trent and The Great War

Did you to see the beautiful installation, Poppies: Weeping Window at Middleport Pottery? You really should have. It was a poignant tribute to the fallen of The Great War and it was both apt and humbling to host it here in Stoke-on-Trent.

As the world centre of ceramics a large number of the poppies created were produced in Stoke- on- Trent, and Stoke like most cities, felt the devastating human loss of The First World War. The fantastic exhibition has reminded over 100,000 visitors of the effects of war. We have always tried to ensure the memories of those who made the ultimate sacrifice are not forgotten. During the 4 year centenary we have been involved in a number of projects where we have been able to use our film-making skills to celebrate and share the stories of some of our local heroes who fought in The Great War.

Our past work includes, Forward North Staffords: A documentary we produced with the  Wedgwood Museum and the Staffordshire Regiment Museum, where Tom Wedgwood discovered more about the life of his great uncle, Cecil Wedgwood; chairman of the Wedgwood factory during The Great War, first lord mayor of Stoke-on-Trent and a major in the British Army who lead the 8th North Staffordshire Regiment into battle at The Somme.

We have also produced several films with the Brampton Museum in Newcastle Under Lyme.This project saw us bring to life the stories of residents from across the Borough as we explored real life letters and diaries to tell their stories. We filmed a series of actors portraying the characters and reading their letters, explaining what life was like for them during the war. Acting out the emotive content of the letters, this project was excellent in showing the true life experiences of residents across the borough during this time.

Additionally, we have produced a film with the Leicester Museums Trust and the Leicestershire Regiment about the Tigers at the Somme for New Walk Museum. The Tigers was the nickname for soldiers from Leicester who fought in The Great War. The film looked at the history of the Leicestershire regiment during the battle of the Somme. It was an emotive film filled with stories of camaraderie and bravery of the soldiers. Filmed in a documentary style, it was both informative and emotive.

Most recently, our latest film showcasing Staffordshire’s involvement in World War One is our project on the 137th Staffordshire Regiment and their astonishing victory in taking the Hindenburg Line, a German defence position built on the western front from Arras to Laffaux, considered impenetrable. Still in production, we are extremely enthusiastic about the project. Having the opportunity to film in France with high ranking British Officer Jim Tanner, this film was an intently interesting project to work on as it celebrates the heroic success of Stafforshire soldiers during this iconic historical event.

We have a love for showing local heritage here at Inspired, and we have been enthusiastic in every project about The Great War we have done. We are thrilled to be able to tell the stories of generations that have lived through this significant historical era and we will continue to tell these stories for generations to come.