Remembering those we lost during the Great War

Remembering those we lost during the Great War

We’ve had the great fortune to work with several organisations over the past few years producing films which pay tribute to the heritage and memories of soldiers from across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. We are proud to have been involved in these projects and to have been able to tell their stories and share them with a new generation via the films we have produced.

We’ve had the great pleasure of working with the fantastic team at the Staffordshire Regiment Museum on several projects to remember the men from the local area who fought in the Great War. Most recently we were able to tell the awe-inspiring story of the men from the 137th Staffordshire Brigade who broke the Hindenburg Line in 1918. This was an integral part of bringing an end to the Great War and the signing of the Armistice.

We also worked closely with the Regiment Museum and the Wedgwood Museum to produce a film about Major Cecil Wedgwood and the men from the Wedgwood pottery factory who went to fight in the Great War. This film was an emotional tribute to these men which was presented by Major Wedgwood’s great, great nephew – Tom Wedgwood.

You can watch this film here – VIEW ON YOUTUBE

It’s been an inspiring, humbling experience to be involved in these projects which have helped us and – we hope – those who have viewed the films better understand the Great War and the lives of the men who went to fight.