Macari Premiere

It’s been an absolute pleasure to produce the film ‘Macari’s Red & White Army’ – a documentary about the 1992/1993 Stoke City team who won the league championship.

We held the Premiere at the Stoke Film Theatre last night (30th January) and it was fantastic to be joined by Lou, Ian Cranson, Dave Regis, Nello, the family of Paul Ware and most of the contributors to the film. The reaction has been incredible and we were thrilled to hear everyones comments after the film. It’s always a nervy experience – showing a film for the first time – particularly to some of your boyhood heroes! So it was great to hear how well received the film was.

Two members of ‘Team Inspired’ (Directors Dan and Mike) spent much of their youth on The Boothen End (just behind the C Post) cheering on Lou and the boys and it’s been a pleasure to record these memories with the team and the fans. We had the opportunity to spend time with all the contributors and are proud to be able to document their lives and achievements.

We’d like to thank all the contributors, the Crowdfunders, Jonathan Smith and Aganto – who helped fund the film. Also many thanks to Tom Bath and the Universal Thrift Club for the original tunes, Joe Barbieri for the original art work, the Staffordshire Film Archive, Professor Ray Johnson, The Sentinel – for archive images. And of course we’d like to thank Lou and all the lads of the 92/93 team for everything they gave for the club, the fans and the City.

We’re big believers in Stoke-on-Trent – the people and the community – and to have the opportunity to produce films that celebrate the people and the area is something we’re proud to be able to do.