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Macari’s Red & White Army is a film set in the first season of the Premier League, in a footballing world much different than today, before money changed the game forever. The city of Stoke-on-Trent is struggling, the pits and the pots are closing, unemployment is rife but it’s two football teams are battling each other for promotion from the third tier of English football and the place is buzzing.

The film is the story of the triumphant Stoke City team, told by the people that were there, both on the pitch and on the terraces, but this isn’t just a film about Stoke City, it’s a film about the City of Stoke. The people, pot-banks, politics and personalities around the City at the time. It is a celebration of the world of football before Premier League money got involved.

Contributors include Lou Macari, Mark Stein, Carl Beeston, Ian Cranson, Nigel Gleghorn, Nello and many more.

Film-makers Mike and Dan cut their footballing teeth on the famous Boothen End and made this film as a homage to their hero Lou Macari and his boys in red and white. After a wonderful reception at the private screening in January 2019, they have been inundated with requests to purchase a DVD copy. However to do this we need to sell at least 400 DVDs to be able to cover the cost of licensing the archive footage from ITV and producing the DVDs. We have chosen Crowdfunder as a platform to do this so that if we do not reach our target everyone has their money returned directly in a transparent way.

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What people have said about the film:

“Absolutely Brilliant!” Lou Macari

“Incredible film and event….something I wont ever forget.” Amy Louise Ware

“The best thing I have ever watched!!” Tom Bath