Location, location, location

Earlier this month we were filming at the Enjoy Staffordshire awards watching organisations from across Staffordshire receive awards for their amazing establishments. It got us thinking – where are some our favourite places to film?

One of the best things about producing films for a living is that we get to visit some incredible places as part of our job. We’ve been lucky enough to travel far and wide, including creating content in places like Singapore, Oman, Spain, France and the USA – it’s been lots of fun!

However some of the best places we’ve visited have been closer to home. We love the local area, its heritage and its people.

We asked the team for some of their favourite tourism locations where they’ve filmed and below – in no particular order – are their favourites and our thoughts on what makes them worth visiting.

Wedgwood Museum & World of Wedgwood

Dan – Growing up in Stoke the name Wedgwood has always been associated with culture and excellence. The Wedgwood Museum is an amazing asset to the area. We were lucky enough to spend lots of time there researching our film Forward North Staffords – a film about Major Cecil Wedgwood and the men from the factory who fought in the Great War. I love all the historically significant pieces, including the first day vases, the Portland Vase and the abolition medallions, from an industry and indeed a brand that means so much to everyone from Stoke-on-Trent, are still kept locally.

Weston Hall

MIke – My first visit to Weston Park was attending the V festival in 1999. Stood watching Massive Attack, James Brown and the Super Furry Animals, I had no idea that one day it would be one of my favourite family days out. I love the tranquil beauty of the grounds and the grandeur of the house. If you do take your kids don’t forget to download the Forest Friends app to do the trails and activities, its great fun….and we made it!

The Roaches

Ryan – I grew up in Rhyl a tourist town, in fact most of the tourists were from Stoke. I even had to deliver The Sentinel to the holiday parks during the school holidays. Since I’ve lived here I’ve always wondered why people ever left! I’m quite an outdoor type of person and love being in the fresh air. There are lots of great places to go for a walk, some great Victorian parks, plenty of canal towpaths but my favourite has to be The Roaches. We are not the first people to use Lud’s Church and Doxey Pool as filming locations, the landscape is so dramatic. Nothing better than cracking open a flask of tea on top of the Roaches looking out of Tittesworth Reservoir.

You can watch the showreel here:


Where are your favourite spots? Let us know