Inspired Premier League Filming

As fans make a welcome return to football stadiums across the country and a new Premier League season kicks off it seems a good point to remember the pre-pandemic fun we had covering Premier League football with our friends from Discovery Network in Denmark.

From 2012 we travelled the country with Danish journalists producing packages about British football culture to be shown in Denmark to fans eager to get their fix of football highlights, player interviews and fan insight. We met players and fans from Sutton United to Manchester United and everyone in between. Days would be spent meeting players, recording interviews, shooting vox pops at busy grounds and town centres and then working through the night editing packages together to send over to Denmark to be shown on live TV shows. It was exciting, illuminating, at times a little stressful but most of all it was a lot of fun.

We were privileged to meet and interview the likes of Harry Kane, Jordan Henderson, David De Gea, Christian Eriksen and many more. Our favourite player to interview? Peter Crouch. No questions. Funny and self deprecating and an all round great guy.

Perhaps our most memorable shoot wasn’t even at a game, it was in Leicester town centre the night they won the Premiership title – courtesy of Spurs failing to beat Chelsea. Seeing a whole City celebrating and partying was something we will never forget and it was an amazing evening to be a part of and document. You can take a look at a short clip of the feature below;

Enjoy the new season everyone and maybe next year we can celebrate Stoke City making a welcome return to the top flight!