Inspired Pilots Get Their Drone Wings

Inspired Pilots Get Their Drone Wings

Start the year as you mean to go on!

This January, thanks to a Skills Grant from The Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, four of the team have completed their drone piloting A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC).

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The smaller drones now on the market mean pilots can fly with minimal experience or qualifications but that does not mean they are experienced enough or safe to do so. Whilst our pilots already had extensive experience and training to offer a better, safer and more efficient service we were keen to rubber stamp our existing skills with the benchmark you get from an A2 CofC qualification.

This is an independently accredited course that means all our drone pilots are trained at an advanced level, studying modules on human factors, the mechanics of flight, meteorology and flight planning amongst other things. This means that we are more skilled, more knowledgeable and ultimately safer pilots.

For our customers, this means not only an added level of assurance that we will be operating safely and legally but also that we can evidence this with an independently awarded qualification.

We increasingly find that although the A2 CofC is not a legal requirement to fly the drones we work with there are more and more locations, organisations and local authorities that are requiring it before they will permit to fly on land they control.

So it’s up and away for the Inspired pilots.

Well done to Ryan, Adam, Matt and Jordan.

You can read more about our Drone work by visiting the Aerial Filming section of our website.