Inspired by Staffordshire

Inspired by Staffordshire

We have created many destination marketing films over the years, having worked in Singapore, Macedonia and for the Calais development agency. However, it is our recent work with Enjoy Staffordshire that has given us the most satisfaction. It’s been a great honour to promote the place in which we live and work and share with the rest of the planet what a great area Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire is to visit.

It’s also been great fun working on a cross-platform social media video campaign that has meant we have had to create our own bespoke 4K helmet cam and got to use one of our favourite pieces of kit in the Freedom 360 GoPro rig to create a campaign that gave a virtual tourist experience to its viewers.

Our helmet cam, which we have since used on other point of view (POV) projects, was made to give a better quality POV image than a GoPro would provide. Using a motorcycle helmet, a small tripod head, a drill, some counterweights and most importantly the fantastic Sony A6300 we were able to engineer a solution we were really happy with. Don’t think we will be mass-producing them though as aesthetically they leave a lot to be desired.

Recently in a different strand to the campaign, we also got to film with the newly crowned World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall. The Beast kindly gave us some words on his favourite venues to visit in the county. It is amazing to think that the strongest person alive on Earth today is from our city, come to think of it we should have got him to carry all our gear. I’m not asking though!

Most importantly the campaign was a success for Enjoy Staffordshire and is going someway towards bringing visitors and tourists to the region. “Inspired were fantastic to work with and brought some innovative ideas to the table that went above and beyond our initial brief and significantly contributed to the success of the campaign. The 360s drove interest in the adverts and vice versa, we got great engagement and ultimately great value for money from the campaign.” Richard Swancott, Enjoy Staffordshire.

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