How to Utilise Facebook 3D Photos

We have been very excited to hear that Facebook have created an option to post 3 dimensional photos for both your news feed and in virtual reality!

This is great news for marketing, as the requirement to stay social media savvy is vital, and brand new digital medias are a perfect way to create that eye catching post. Now we all know how effective social media marketing is. Its a cost efficient marketing tool that allows you to reach more customers, whilst easily engaging with current clients. Not to mention how it can increase your brand awareness with relevant and engaging posts, driving traffic to your website. While all of these pros are not to be missed, social media can be extremely dense with similar content, and many users can scroll past generic posts, especially when that content is an advert. Standing out from a crowded news feed may seem difficult, but staying current with new digital media can keep your posts relevant and interesting, consistently engaging with customers.

Not only are these 3D photos great for getting you noticed on Facebook, but they are also a brilliant way to show your business exactly how it is. With lifelike dimensions, the photos you post can be realistic, giving customers a crystal clear idea of what you have to offer.

Unfortunately this is currently only available for iPhone 7+, 8+, X or XS users. We hope this will soon expand and become more accessible as it really does create that eye catching photo that people just can’t scroll past!