Graduating with flying colours

Graduating with flying colours

Recently we were thrilled to win a tender to deliver video coverage of the Staffordshire University graduation ceremonies.

Staffordshire University is close our hearts with five of our staff having qualified from there. It is also literally close to us as we are situated a stone’s throw from their Stoke Campus in their old estates office. We wanted to help them take their coverage to the next level and engage with the way their target demographic now consume content. Mission accomplished!

The entire Inspired team were involved over an intense week of Facebook Live broadcasts, 360° filming, social media clip production and daily highlights video edits. It was such a positive experience for us all and being around so many proud graduates ready to make their mark on the world was truly inspiring. At the end of what was a very long week we were similarly proud of what we had achieved and glad to have played our part in such a joyous occasion.

Thoughts of course rolled back to our own graduations which varied from just last year for Ed to somewhere pre-millennial for Mike, Dan and Ryan, when the ceremonies were much less grand. You couldn’t help but get caught up in the emotion of the week especially as we were using presenters who themselves studied at Staffs.

Well done to everyone involved, the graduates, their lecturers, the huge team that were involved in organising such a large-scale event and all those who came to support and share their loved one’s proud moment.

We are really looking forward to next year and ramping up the coverage once again. See you again in 2018.