The most fun we’ve ever had in a hot tub!

One of the things we love about what we do is that we get to meet so many interesting people, and every day is different. This week, we experienced our first shoot in a hot tub! As with anything new, we needed to adjust to the surroundings (which in this case featured a cloud of steam and loud bubbling noises!) to allow us to capture the footage.

So, why a hot tub? I hear you say! Well, during our research for documentary Fanatical, we found 60-year-old football fan, Viv, who has over 30 tattoos of Jose Mourinho! So this week, we took comedian Daniel O’Reilly (aka Dapper Laughs) to get to know Viv and her love of the Football Manager as she relaxed in an outdoor hot-tub in Market Harborough. (We gatecrashed her holiday, sorry Viv!)

We love that we always get to meet new people and had great fun filming with Viv, who is a eccentric character. Herself and Dapper were both cracking jokes and had an instant rapport. Unlike many of the fans we have met, she is fanatical about Mourinho rather than a specific football team, and has followed him throughout his career. During the interview, Viv revealed the plans for her next tattoo, and we can’t wait to see it!

Fanatical is a football documentary where we take Dapper on a tour to see what makes fans fanatical about football. Contrasting to his ‘lad’ behaviour, Dapper is not currently a football fan, so we’re taking him on a round the world tour to discover a love for the game. Luckily for us, that means meeting so many new interesting characters along the way!