Behind the Scenes at Flare of Frankfurt

Last week, our film crew were delighted to fly to Frankfurt in Germany to gather amazing footage for our project with Alsecco, who create facade systems for buildings. This project was all about architecture, and we got to see some impressive sights whilst experiencing Germany, not to mention eating some tasty strudel!

Here at Inspired, we love to travel and gather both interesting footage and inspiration from all our filming locations. This shoot was no exception, as Sven Hartwig from Alsecco took us on a full guided tour while the builders installed a ceramic facade on a building.

Up for anything, our camera operator, James took to the skies, filming on a crane amongst the action. Much to the builders amusement, James’ shaky trip up the crane on a high rise building was totally worth it, capturing stunning aerial shots of these interesting facades. Yes, we’ll do anything for that perfect shot!

We love taking projects further afield, showing we can bring the same level of quality to our work abroad then we do at home. We are passionate about expanding into projects all over the world and have filmed in multiple counties including, France, Belgium, Singapore, USA, Germany and many more! We love bringing inspiration home from our shoots abroad and here’s to many more international shoots to come!