Aerial Drone Filming: Revolutionising the Way We See the World

Aerial Drone Filming: Revolutionising the Way We See the World

Aerial Drone Filming: Revolutionising the Way We See the World

From Hollywood blockbusters to wedding videography, aerial drone filming has become an increasingly popular way of capturing breathtaking footage from above. This innovative technology has revolutionised the way we see the world and opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities.

At Inspired Film and Video, we are proud to offer professional aerial drone filming services that utilise the latest technology and experienced pilots to deliver stunning, high-quality footage. We are registered with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and adhere to all necessary regulations to ensure the safe and legal operation of our drones.

The Benefits of Aerial Drone Filming

Aerial drone filming has become popular because of the unique perspective it provides. With a drone, you can capture sweeping panoramic views, soaring bird’s-eye shots and dramatic close-ups that would be impossible with traditional filming methods. This type of filming can be especially effective in industries such as real estate, construction, and tourism where a comprehensive view of a property, site or location is required.

Apart from that, using drones to film can also save time and money. It eliminates the need for expensive equipment like helicopters or cranes, which can be costly to hire and maintain. Drones are also more agile and can manoeuvre around tight spaces, providing more flexibility in filming.

dji drone controller festival

Experience You Can Trust

At Inspired Film and Video, we have a team of experienced and licensed drone pilots who have flown in various challenging environments. Our pilots are skilled in navigating drones safely and efficiently, we are registered and certified with the Civil Aviation Authority and pilots are qualified to an A2 CofC standard. Ensuring that your project is completed on time and within budget. We also have the necessary public liability insurance to give you peace of mind.

Applications of Aerial Drone Filming

Aerial drone filming has many applications, including:

  • Real estate: Drone footage can showcase a property’s unique features, location and proximity to local amenities.
  • Construction: Drones can provide high-quality footage of construction sites, which can help monitor progress, identify issues and improve project management.
  • Tourism: Aerial drone filming can capture scenic locations and give viewers an immersive experience, inspiring them to visit the location.
  • Events: Drones can provide a unique perspective of events, capturing the action from above and delivering an engaging visual experience.

Need something Higher?

Legally, drones can only fly up to 400 ft from the closest point on the earth, so, if you need to go higher what are your options? We have a network of Full-sized pilots who can capture Photography and Filming from much higher than a drone using a plane.

Check out this Aerial Shot of our office in Stoke-on-Trent taken from a full-sized plane.

aerial photo of stoke-on-trent train station and federation house


Aerial drone filming has changed the way we see the world, providing a unique perspective and creative opportunities. At Inspired Film and Video, we offer professional drone filming services, providing you with stunning footage that will elevate your project to the next level. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your next project.

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