Add Value to Your Live Events with Video

Events season is upon us. From February to November our calendar is full of filming engagements for every kind of live event you could imagine. Awards ceremonies, conferences, team-building get-togethers, graduations, trade shows, product launches and management meetings are just a few examples of the kind of events we work at in venues varying from the NEC and Old Trafford to the Tate Modern and the Eiffel Tower.

Video can be used by live event organisers in many ways to add value to their physical happening. Here are just three ways video could bring added value to your organisation.

Grow your audience

If you are looking for the information you are sharing at your event to impact as many people as possible then live streaming your content is an obvious way to do this. There are many reasons someone might not be able to attend in person and streaming suddenly makes your event global, wherever it is physically held.
Where you choose to share the stream is often dependent on your audience. Do you want to capture viewer data? Are there any barriers to viewing by needing to log in? Just make sure you have someone interacting with comments and initiating conversations to give a less passive experience for the viewer.

live speaker being filmed at event

Relive the experience

Highlight videos are a staple of our live event coverage, but why? Allowing people to relive an event they enjoyed helps build loyalty with your brand, gets you added coverage as people share that they were there and all of this of course helps sell your next event to both delegates and sponsors. Our tips for highlights coverage are.

Time is of the essence

For a highlights package to have the most effect it needs to be released as close to the live event as possible, this could be the evening of the event or the next day but more than 48 hours and you could lose impact.
Why have one highlights video when you can have many? The amount of content we gather to make one highlights reel can easily be used to create a number of specific themed bits of content, that can be released over a longer period of time to keep that buzz lasting as long as possible.

Create no-event content

If yours is the kind of live event that your colleagues, customers and contacts have travelled from far and wide to attend, why not take advantage of them being in one location to create some content with them? Filming at your own event is a very cost-effective way of gaining testimonials or sharing the expertise of your colleagues. Set up a filming station in a side room and no one will even know this content was recorded at your event.

If you want to find out how we at Inspired Film and Video can help capture your event, contact us today and speak to a member of the team. We’ll find the perfect solution for you.

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