A.I. photo magic

You won’t be replaced by AI but you might be replaced by someone who uses it better. 

At Inspired we are firm believers that artificial intelligence will never replace human creativity but like any new technology those who learn to work with it best and harness its power will prosper better than those who don’t. We are working hard to keep up with the methodologies of using AI to improve our already fantastic (a bit of self belief never did anyone any harm) work.
In video and photography the power of AI is starting to feed its way into everything we do, scriptwriting, audio, editing and captioning. We are using it to improve sound quality and create a clarity that sometimes just isn’t possible recording on the go in public places, we saving time when producing training or eLearning scripts by working with AI as a co writer and we are using generative fill technology to give us more creative freedom than ever before.
We would like to share this example with you. We were commissioned to do some portrait photography of the impressive Apollo. Now you can’t really ask a horse to pose so Matt did a great job capturing the magnificent animal as it cantered, galloped and frolicked in the early Autumn sun, including this lovely landscape shot. 

Now wouldn’t it be great if we could also have captured that exact moment in portrait (better for the socials)? In the not too distant past the only option would be to crop the image, but it wouldn’t be framed correctly and would not look anywhere near as nice. Thanks to the AI incorporated in Photoshop we had another option, we could generate extra background around the image we took so it worked in the new orientation and still was framed nicely. Here are the results with the new area we created shown above and below the dotted line on image 2. Pretty good I think you’ll agree.

Don’t get me wrong AI could well bring about the end of days but for now we are enjoying upping our skillset in working with this technology and broadening our creative potential, so at least for now our jobs are safe????