5 Tips for an Awards Night to Remember

5 Tips for an Awards Night to Remember

Awards ceremonies are a fantastic way to recognise and celebrate outstanding employees in your company and make them feel special. We have experience in helping to give these events extra star quality, so here are 5 things you can do to celebrate in style:

1. Create videos of the nominees and winners
Make your employees feel extra special by filming clips of the nominees and winners to play at the event. Not only will this make your staff feel like stars, but it will also add some excitement and interest for your audience. It also gives you the chance to communicate your key messages and achievements. These videos can be used after the event and often feature on the company’s YouTube channel or website before the awards.

Example: As part of our work for Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership NHS Trust Celebrating Excellence Awards, we visited the nominees in their workplace to capture them in action and find out more about their role within the trust. Here is an example of what we created:

2. Live stream your event
Make sure no one is left out by live-streaming your event to people who might not be able to be there. It allows people to watch all of the action from the comfort of their own homes and makes your event accessible to people all over the world.

Example: We recently live streamed a live Q&A with WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, to make an exciting cyber security event accessible to a wider range of people.

3. Share the excitement with your followers through Facebook Live
Let the world know what is happening at your event and share the successes further by live streaming onto your social media page during the event. Employee’s family members and friends will be able to join in the fun, and it gives you the opportunity to shout about the fantastic things happening in your company.

Example: During the Staffordshire University graduation ceremonies last year, we live-streamed from the venue three times a day to let people get involved with the fun. We could not only let people know what’s going on but also interview graduating students and honorary graduates to find out how they are feeling and celebrate their success. Thousands of followers interacted with us during these videos by commenting and liking the content.

4. An event highlights video
Creating an overall highlights video of your event is a great way to inspire, entertain and inform. You can portray the key messages and achievements from the night and further share the successes of the company. These videos capture the moments of joy when people win awards, and allow you to capture their pride and excitement through interviews with the winners. These films can be produced quickly following the event while it is still fresh in people’s minds, and can be shared across the organisation to show colleagues highlights of the event.

Example: The most recent awards ceremony that we filmed was ‘Steelite: Stepping up the plate’. Watch the event video below.

5. Link your videos to the branding of your event
You can add to the excitement of your event, incorporate your company branding, and pull together all areas of your event by using consistent imagery. We create stings and animations that keep with your branding to play during your event and add some extra pizzazz!

Example: Each year, our client Steelite holds their ‘stepping up to the plate’ awards. We create graphics and animations that we can incorporate into the videos that are displayed at the event and on the overall event film. You can see an example of this in the Steelite video above.