5 of the best adverts from the superbowl 2018

Some people watch the Super Bowl purely for the adverts, and this year did not disappoint! Every year, the Super Bowl is one of sport’s biggest stages, as well as being the best platform for optimum advertising of brands.

Advertisers pulled out all of the stops this year to win over audiences, with creative marketing messages that entertained and were carefully crafted to not offend. The ads ranged from humorous videos featuring cameos from A-listers, to messages about social causes. Here’s a run down of 5 of our favourite adverts from this year:

1) Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman tackled the art of rapping to promote Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice. Inspiration for the double advert was taken from the book and fantasy show, A Song of Ice and Fire.

2) David Harbour, Stranger Things actor, embodied a number of characters in a Tide washing powder advert parodying a number of different adverts.

3) Budweiser took an innovative angle on their new, emotional Super Bowl ad. Instead of focusing on their beer, they used the platform to showcase the good work the brand is doing by bottling water in response to natural disasters all over the world.

4) In true Coca-Cola style, the company used their Super Bowl advert to celebrate diversity by showing people around the world drinking products from the Coca-Cola range. Emphasis was placed on positive responses from consumers praising the company for recognising gender neutral people.

5) Amazon’s ad featured appearances from a range of high profile people including actress Rebel Wilson, celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay, actor Anthony Hopkins, rapper Cardi B, and even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. During the video, each of the individuals take a shot at replacing Amazon’s Alexa.

TV adverts are still one of the most popular and effective ways of marketing a product, brand or service. With the cost of TV advertising reducing, it is no longer out of reach for a growing business, and can provide a huge return on investment. Talk to us today about the video campaign opportunities available for your business.