4 ways to use AR, VR and 360 videos to market your business

4 ways to use AR, VR and 360 videos to market your business

The rise in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree film has led the way to a huge increase in opportunities for companies to develop exciting, interactive and immersive content. Here are 4 ways that you could use AR, VR and 360 to support your marketing activity:

1) Let people experience the product
Augmented reality allows people to see products in their own spaces. They can discover how it would feel to purchase the product, which is going to add to the evaluation process of the customer journey.

Example: The Ikea Furniture App, ‘Place’, allows customers to preview furniture and homeware in their homes before making a purchase. They can walk around and place objects in their home, so they can see what it would look like.

2) Train your employees
AR, VR and 360 film can be used as a powerful training tool for your employees, enabling you to put them in limitless real-world scenarios. Improving your staff skills through training will ensure that your business is able to grow, and these tools allow you to develop their skills quickly and more effectively.

Example: UPS are creating VR simulations to enable them to train their drivers.

3) Put someone into another person’s shoes
You can create an experience for a customer which transports them and visually puts them into a new world. You can place someone into another person’s shoes which changes the game when it comes to first-person storytelling.

Example: MTV Geordie Shore has launched the first reality TV VR experience where users can be part of an immersive journey through their infamous party house.

4) Entertain
Virtual reality, augmented reality and 360-degree film are entertaining marketing. AR has not only grown in advertising and marketing but also in gamification. This creates the opportunity for brands to incorporate an element of gaming into their campaigns.

Example: Nesquik developed packaging that turns into a video game to offer a new virtual experience for their customers. They also created 5 sea creatures for different boxes to encourage customers to repurchase the product.

Immersive content is one of the hottest current trends in marketing, and something that you should be incorporating into your marketing plans for the next year. If you want to know more about how you can use immersive video, visit our 360 film page here, or call us to discuss your options.